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A Studio Owner’s Guide To Teaching Gen Z

The younger generation has been exposed to various forms of content creation and entertainment for the greater part of their lives as a result of the proliferation of new social media platforms and functions like TikTok and Instagram Reels.

This most recent generation is referred to as Gen Z, and their ages span from six to twenty-four in the year 2021. But exactly who are these people? What are their areas of concern? And as dance instructors, what strategies can we use to ensure that we are communicating with them in a way that is interesting to them?

Gen Z? Who are they?


Post-Millennials are considered to be a part of the group known as Gen Z, which includes people born in 1997 and later.

This current generation is home to some of the most creative, one-of-a-kind, and digitally vocal people who aren't hesitant to utilize their platforms to express themselves. They avoid anything that can give the impression of being overly produced and instead place a greater emphasis on genuine substance. Oh, and they have a tremendous amount of the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Engaging Your Gen Z Dancers

What does this new generation of dancers mean for dance studio owners and dance instructors who are working to create opportunities for connection and learning? Not only in terms of the most popular songs or styles but also in terms of job interests and masterclasses, it means having a strong sense of what's trendy and what's important to them. One thing is certain: it means having a strong sense of what's trending and what's important to them.

1. Think Digitally

Creating is something that Gen Z does not shy away from; in fact, they like it. Never be reluctant to give kids the opportunity to develop their own concept video or choreography for an assignment, and always encourage them to record themselves performing the choreography.

Giving them opportunities to express their creativity and teaching them how to edit their work using video editing tools can assist them in developing the mentality necessary for a successful professional career.

Because social media platforms are increasingly taking on the function of a resume, being able to record yourself and advertise your work is becoming increasingly important. Because the vast majority of teenage dancers have cell phones, there should be convenient access to cameras. If it's something that they can post on their own social media profiles, you get bonus points for that!

2. Use social media to your advantage

Take a peek at the social media page associated with your studio. Do you post updates regarding what's happening in the studio? Are you keeping up with popular dancers, musicians, conventions, and other events? You may better grasp what your dancers are interested in by keeping an eye on pop culture through social media, which is a terrific way to keep up with current events.


If you have an Instagram account, do you know of any ways in which your dancers could participate more actively there? Fridays with a Feature? Instagram Takeovers? Find out what's trending at your studio and what your students are most enthused about in terms of social media by polling them. If kids are obsessed with TikTok and IG Reels, is it possible for you to include those in a lesson plan?

Also, make sure that you are following your dancers on social media and that you are communicating with them there. They are going to absolutely adore the fact that you are connecting with their accounts, and it will encourage them to have nice interactions with their fellow dancers.

3. Create a safe space for sharing

Individualism is a significant part of Gen Z, and it's one of their defining characteristics. They are not frightened to be themselves and have no problem working on their own without being told what to do. It is essential to provide a secure environment in which your students can discuss their thoughts, choreography, and other creative endeavours at your dance studio.

Self-expression is extremely important for members of Generation Z, and the studio should be a place where they can do it without feeling self-conscious or self-conscious. You can make sure your dancers feel like they can speak up by holding brainstorming sessions for video shoots or providing an anonymous box where they can submit class ideas. Both of these are wonderful options.

Whatever you decide to do, the best way to build trust between the students and the studio is to give the dancers ownership of the space and encourage them to go with their own ideas.

Teaching Strategies for Gen Z Dancers

There are a few teaching tactics that you should examine to best suit the interests and requirements of a generation that has grown up in such a digital age as this one.

1. Acknowledge their attention spans and learning types

Let's face it: the current generation does not have the capacity for sustained attention that previous ones did. They are accustomed to skimming through large amounts of material online or watching films that are only a few minutes long.

They might not be interested in reading articles or long-form literature on the history of ballet, but if there is a short video from a great ballet dancer that they look up to, they are more likely to be engaged in the material. You should look for different kinds of informative media postings that not only thrill your dancers but also encourage them to investigate more and learn more.

2. Use technology within assignments and class.

We can't stress this point enough: Make the most of the opportunities presented by modern technology. When it comes to tasks, you could consider learning through projects and content creation. Give them the task of coming up with their own choreography or producing a music video for a song that they really enjoy.

When they are finished, make sure they talk to each other about the content they created and encourage feedback! Beginning in the studio is the ideal way to get one's feet wet in the world of content production, and Generation Z is eager to have their voices heard amid the multitude of digital voices already available.

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