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3 Reasons Your Dance Studio Needs An App

Okay, you're thinking of a upgrading your dance studio, now what? Are you struggling with the idea that your dance studio may need a mobile app? If you asked us 15-20 years ago, your studio needed a BOMB website! You dance studio needs to be accessible, adaptable and available...

However, now-a-days everything is mobile app friendly. A website simply cannot do what a mobile app can do. Think about it, how many app do you have on your phone? You can now order your food, shop for clothes, review your banking all through mobile apps, simply because it's easier.

We laid out a few reasons why your dance studio needs a mobile app:

1. Streamline Your Communication

With instant messaging, social messaging and other quick easy communication tools, don't settle for just emails at your dance studio. Organize and communicate with all your classes inside your dance studio.

With Dominion Studio users can post videos, pictures, and regular social texts within their own class. Give your teachers an easier way to communicate with parents and share weekly class insights and interactions.

Diffuse any excuse and make it easy to communicate within your dance studio. Is there a studio cancellation or a competition team special announcement? Try sending a push notification and let your dance community aware of your announcements instantly through your custom app!

2. Reach & Engage Your Younger Generation

Let's not act like a new generation of world changes haven't just stepped on the scene.

We're already aware of the millennials but how about the centennials? This group has been introduced to the digital world form birth, the best way to keeps your young people engaged is to meet them on their level.

Not to mention immediate connection to any age group. Dominion Studio offers a platform that grabs and keeps the attention of your entire dance community.

3. Look Professional - Instant Valid Status

We don't believe professionalism is only for the "super dance studio" in LA.

It's true that most people will make a decision to visit your dance studio just by your online/social appearance. That's why something as simple as a personalized dance studio app could impact how others think of you.

With Dominion Studio you don't need a tech genius to make your studio look more appealing, we did all the hard work and we'll make the magic happen!

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